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Our Mission


Christ can become the center of every person's life through belonging, believing, becoming and reaching beyond.  It is in this we fulfill the purposes of Christ as each member of His family participates in serving God and the community. This is a process and a journey of growing our faith that we each choose voluntarily to advance in.



In a world of CONNECTIONS we desire that people truly BELONG.  There are people who we are in touch with, this can be a close friend but it can also be casual acquaintances, Facebook friends, followers on social media and contacts.  BELONGING by contrast is a much deeper relationship.   It’s the place where you are accepted faults and all.  It’s the place where you are missed when you are not there.  It’s the place where you develop lifelong friendships. 


Many people have walked away from the church or are simply far from faith.  Our desire is to present a BIBLICAL and yet CULTURALLY relevant Gospel.  The foundation of our faith is believing and walking in the truth of God’s Word.  We believe that God’s Word never returns void and to that end we unapologetically preach and teach the Bible in a way that challenges hearers to not be just “hearers” but “doers” also.


We are constantly challenging each other to raise the spiritual bars in our lives as we seek to grow into the FULLNESS of Christ.  Believing that through God’s Word, the fruit of the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, discipleship and a shared fellowship we will continue to mature in our faith.   


Jesus called us the Salt and light of the world.   Jesus sent us across the street and across the planet.  We believe that EVERYONE was created for PURPOSE.  To that end we seek out, train, inspire and release God’s Kingdom Champions into a world that desperately needs the hope of the Gospel. 


Christ Center, Cashmere Assembly of God is part of the Northwest Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God.  We are a member of the Cashmere/Dryden/Monitor Ministerial Association and partner with Serve Wenatchee Valley.